Metawerk Alliance launches a new web site

We make the site more functional, we expanded the list of categories of information, updated graphics. We hope our new website will help our partners and customers to find additional information about the company and its capabilities. Yours faithfully, The Metawerk Alliance Team

Metawerk alliance starts working with new materials

Producing the pallets made of cellular polypropylene Cellular polypropylene is a new material which is by its structure and properties similar to corrugated board, however, has a number of advantages: Water Resistance Lightness Fire safety Possibility to apply high-quality images using direct printing (UV ink) Better structural adaptability (cutting, bending) Possibility to produce affordable equipment even in mall quantities s Products made of  the cellular propylene  in particular trading pallets and displays s are transported in a disassembled form, which reduces shipping costs and simplifies the use of equipment in the commercial areas.